Artist Statement

My current work is very geometrically based. The materials define the form in its simplest way.  I take basic shapes and manipulate them into patterns that form multipart structures.  Complex details make up simple overall forms.  In a sense, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.  I incorporate math into my work because there is always a solution with math.  By producing art, I strive for the feeling of satisfaction from absolution that you get after finding the solution to a mathematical proof. 

My art is very structurally precise.  Measuring is a very important part of my process.  It ensures a sustainable level of difficulty, interest, and precision in my work.  I tend to work towards a predetermined structure that develops or transforms as the measurements communicate or struggle with one another.  The meticulousness of my work provides a hidden meaning for myself--one that is meant to entrance and confuse the viewer simultaneously. In a way, my work is self-indulgent, leading the viewer into the process of my making with the sole end-goal of impressing myself.